PD Belt Image The PD-BELT™ is a device to stabilize the catheter without disturbing the exit site to comfortably and safely perform multiple daily CAPD treatments. Also used extensively for CCPD.

It is designed to immobilize the catheter at the exit site. The PD-BELT™ does not come into contact with the exit site.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Covering an exit site, with the exception of loosely worn clothing, is a dangerous choice frequently causing bacteria to be rubbed into the opening. This will cause infections, peritonitis and may lead to loss of the catheter.


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  • Constructed of the highest quality, specially designed and fabricated woven-elastic material for utmost comfort and without any chemical ingredients that could cause allergic reactions for patients with delicate skin.
  • Designed to be worn at all times to keep patient's exit site stabilized and the transfer set securely stored between exchanges in a pouch which is an integral part of the PD-BELT™.
  • Its availability in five sizes, and for both left and right exit sites, makes the fit as close to being tailor made for each patient as possible.
  • Each case contains three units so that after showering, a wet PD-BELT™ can readily be exchanged for a fresh, dry one.
  • Instructions clearly explain how to change a wet belt for a dry one without aggravating the exit site.
  • With the patented self adhesive Velcro® band around the catheter which is then securely fastened by the first tab on the belt, accidental tugging and pulling is prevented especially for patients during nightly cycler therapy.
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  • Besides the 120% stretching limits built into the material for every size PD-BELT™, it is adjustable giving the patient an additional 9" of flexibility for extra comfort.
  • According to a preliminary, statistical survey, 86% of PD patients with chronic exit site problems, after starting to wear the PD-BELT™, experienced no exit site complications, including irritation, pain or infection.
  • Worn 24 hours a day, according to recommended instructions, including laundering and bathing (showering) at normal intervals, a package of three PD-BELT™ units will last four months.



Please be advised that HealthCare Specialties, LLC, is not yet set up to provide or maintain a retail-type operation for any of its products. However, for the PD-BELT™ only, we do have a direct-sales program should you have any difficulties with your clinic's distributor in obtaining this product.

Currently, we have five standard sizes being warehoused. The price is $50.00 plus $15.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $65.00 for each three-belt package. Our code numbers for this product, when ordering, are as follows:

Size Order Code Number Prepaid Price
with S & H
Small 2336 $65.00
Medium 3044 $65.00
Large 3648 $65.00
Pediatric 1624 $65.00
Extra Large 4658 $65.00

Note: Code numbers represent the range of sizes the PD-BELT™ will fit a patient's waist-line. For example, Small 2336 is a belt fitting between a 23" and a 36" (maximum) waist.

Please make your check payable to:

HealthCare Specialties, LLC
1402 Carleton Square
San Diego, CA 92106

For additional information, contact by e-mail form

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